#Savesamer: LGBT Asylum Seeker Faces 'Certain Death' if Deported to Jordan

Published April 6th, 2021 - 06:29 GMT
LGBT member is facing nearly 'certain death' as he might be deported
Samer who came out as a bisexual face deportation to Jordan. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Samer is facing nearly 'certain death' unless he gets asylum in Canada

By Sally Shakkour

LGBTQ+ member Samer, who traveled all the way long to the Canadain city of Quebec to get asylum, is said to be facing nearly 'certain death’ as he might be deported back to Jordan on Monday.

The 33-year-old is originally from Jordan and has traveled to Canada to seek asylum by revealing that he is bisexual; adding that he fled his homeland because having such intentions in Jordan will land him in massive trouble.

According to Samer’s lawyer’s letter, which was passed to the Immigration and Refugee Board hearing, the LGBT member added that if he ever returns to Jordan his family which sees him as a ‘shame’ may either burn him alive or throw him off a building.
Samer’s story grabbed wide attention on social media platforms as users called on Canadian authorities to intervene and immediately stop his deportation. Moreover, Canadian president Justin Trudeau was also urged to help him with a hashtag launched #savesamer.

Not only a hashtag, a petition “STOP Samer's deportation” was launched by Change.org and shared by Dignity Network / Réseau Dignité on Twitter which is a network of Canadian organizations and individuals working to advance Canada's support of global LGBTI human rights.

The petition is currently signed by about 390 people with a goal to reach 500 votes with aim of stopping his deportation to Jordan and saving his life.

He said after his asylum request was rejected on Tuesday: “I’m facing death if I go there,” “They even know what time Monday I’m going to be deported from here. There’s no way I’ll escape.”

According to CTV news, Samer’s lawyer, Stewart Istvanffy, added his request to get asylum was refused by judges with claims that they were not convinced with the evidence he provided. The LGBTQ+ member wasn’t eligible to argue his case at all.

Samer crossed into Canada in spring 2019 through Roxham Road, the “irregular” border crossing from upstate New York, which was a gate for tens of thousands of people from the US to Canada, Istvanffy said.

Samer, who asked to keep his last name as a secret, served jail time for a serious car accident, back when he was living in the US. However, in Canada, “he has been judged to be inadmissible on the basis of a criminal conviction in the States.”

Based on his criminal conviction and the fact that the car crash, which led to the death of his friend and the fact that he served 2 years in jail makes Samer an illegabile person to make a case for asylum in Canada.

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