Shock! Christian Student Deborah Samuel Killed by Muslim Extremists in Nigeria

Published May 16th, 2022 - 11:18 GMT
 Deborah Samuel
 Deborah Samuel (twitter)

ALBAWABA - A terrible murder. This time its from Nigeria, the place is Sokoto, the state in the northern part of the country. Everyone is in shock. How could this be?

The gruesome killing of  Deborah Samuel, a student in the Shehu Shagari College of Education, by Islamic extremists is seen as a horrible murder that speaks of a dark world out there. 

Samuel is a Christian, she is alleged to have written a text against Prophet Mohammad, and thus, she is accused of blasphemy. If the prophet was alive today he would have condemned the killing because in his day, he was subjected to terrible actions done to him, yet he forgave. 

What is horrendous is the way the student was killed and then set on fire; humans of whatever race, creed and religion usually don't do these things!


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Yet here we are, listening to a news story of someone who was first stoned to death and then set on fire by basically, a mob, who call themselves students seeking knowledge. 

This is not acceptable and shouldn't be tolerated. The Christian Association of Nigeria issued a statement calling for "peaceful" protests across the country against such terrible acts. These protests are to be held with the confines of their churches on Sunday 22 May

Some tried to save her and the police tried to protect her but they couldn't submit to the frenzy of the mob who should now answer to the full letter of the law. 

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