Shock! Indian Diner in Manama Refuses Entry of Hijabi Bahraini

Published March 30th, 2022 - 07:14 GMT

ALBAWABA - Trending is the news about a Bahraini woman who was refused entry into an Indian restaurant in Manama because she was wearing the hijab. 

Shock hit the social media. A Bahraini denied entry into a restaurant in her own country, this can't be the case! But it was. 

The Indian restaurant named Lanterns is in the Adliya neighborhood of Manama. When the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition and Tourism Authority heard of this it launched an investigation and closed down the restaurant immediately. 

The duty manager at the restaurant was fired immediately but this didn't stop the closure which emanated from a video clip of the woman being told that no veiled woman can enter the restaurant.

The video has since gone viral and caused the investigation. As can be viewed from the above this, is causing much social media talk.

Social is not quite sure whether the Indian restaurant is closed down for good. But apparently not from the following tweet:

After all, the management did say they are sorry and they welcome everybody in Bahrain, whether they are veiling wearing or not. It pleaded:

So where did the manager, whoever he is, Indian or a Brit, get the idea from in the first place that this diner doesn't accept the entry of Hijabi-wearing women?


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