Six Syrian Refugees Remain Under Lebanon's Custody

Published September 29th, 2021 - 11:13 GMT
The six Syrian refugees where accused of illegally entering Lebanon.
(Shutterstock/ File Photo)
The six Syrian refugees where accused of illegally entering Lebanon.

A report by Amnesty International revealed that 6 Syrian refugees, who were detained on August 28th, are still under the custody of Lebanon. Beirut’s General Security Major General, Abbas Ibrahim, said in an earlier statement that Lebanon is not considering deporting the Syrian refugees back to Syria.

The organization has hailed Lebanon’s decision. However, it called on the Lebanese authorities to release the Syrian refugees from jail as keeping them in jail is considered a human rights violation.

Lebanese General Security had arrested the six Syrian refugees outside their embassy in Baabda where they were called to renew their passports in allegations of entering illegally to the country.

On September 5th, Lebanon's General Directorate of Public Security issued a decision to hand over the six Syrian refugees back to Damascus despite the grave destiny that awaits them there. However, the decision has been revised.

The Director of the Middle East and North Africa Regional Office at Amnesty International, Heba Morayef, commented earlier on the deportation decision saying: “Syrian authorities have been targeting people who have fled the country.”

She further added: “Syria is also subjecting them to torture, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance upon their return to the country. Deporting these men would be a flagrant violation of Lebanon's international obligations, including the Convention against Torture.”

Human rights activists and advocates have raised their voices in support of these Syrian refugees who are being kept in jail and are prohibited from seeing their lawyers. They also asked International communities to pressure the Lebanese authorities to release the six refugees.

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