Social Media: What do You Make of The 'Arab' Negev Summit

Published March 29th, 2022 - 10:55 GMT
The Negev Summit
(From L) Zayani, Shoukry, Lapid, Blinken, Bourita and Ben Zayed (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Trending on the social media is the Negev desert Summit in Israel that brought together  Arab Foreign Ministers - Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed of the UAE, Nasser Bourita of Morocco, Abdul Latif Zayani of Bahrain and Sameh Shoukry of Egypt. They met with Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and with the attendance of the US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. 

Much news is being posted on the social media about the first "Arab ministers" summit to be held in Israel following the 2020 Abraham Accords held under the auspices of the now ex-president Donald Trump at the White House. 

Many were not to happy about the meeting and registered their protests in different ways. One posted the meeting was but a regional alliance lead by Israel and under American patronage.

He added its an official launching to making the Arab world lead by Israel while the USA turns to different places around the world like China. However, where is the Palestinian question in all this. He added this  normalization summit is nothing but a 'stab in the back'.

One talked about a new regional order being formed under different countries of the Middle East, on that will shape the region.

Also, there was very different readings of the meetings relating to the Palestinian side which came from Jordan. And many argued including Israelis that no matter how much the Jewish government tries, the central crux of the matter is Palestine and the Palestinians.

But many know that no matter how hard they try to turn the other way; Blinken for instance knows the major issue is Palestine and solutions must be found to that. However, for some there are other goals for the meeting, maybe message pointing to the USA and the revival Iran nuclear deal which Israel and the UAE, in particular don't like.

There was also a more personal view provided by the UAE Minister and it proved revealing:

But Abdel Barri Atwan, who needs no introduction, put it this way with his usual flair and political alacrity or maybe just disappointment:

And where is Palestine in all this. Somebody on social decided to add an artistic view that may just bring out its global importance.

Back to Israel; supposedly there is some truth in this comment but which nobody really ignored in the first place because Israel exists but why hammer the point:

There might be something in this as well as its Iran many are afraid of:

But one decided to be more forceful and terse at the same time:

One called the meeting a masquerade which Jordan refusing to attend:

One well-known media personality put it this way and its in translation: Since Sadat's trip to Jerusalem, the Zionist dreams of the new Middle East have not stopped, but it will remain just illusions as long as the Palestinian people have a beating heart..."


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