South African Women Polygamous by Law?!

Published July 1st, 2021 - 12:36 GMT
South African women might be permitted to marry more than one man at the same time
The suggested law will allow women to marry more than one man.

South Africa is reviewing a bill to allow the woman to be married to more than one man at the same time. The suggestion has caused wide controversy in the country and across social media.

Conservatives have announced their dissatisfaction with the debated law saying; South Africa is not ready yet to take this kind of move; creating full equality between men and women.

According to a BBC report, South African businessman and T.V. personality Musa Mseleku is believed to be the biggest opponent to the law that suggests women can marry more than one man, even though he himself is married to four women.

He stressed: "It will destroy our culture. What about the children of these people? How will they be registered in the personal civil status law?"

The suggested law has caused controversy across the internet; some agreed saying we should have equality between men and women; as people insisted on the right to polygamy for both.

Other users have refused the idea adding that it can be dangerous in terms of people’s health, in addition to higher possibility of getting sexual diseases. 

In the meantime, the majority on social media mocked the suggested law by launching several memes about it. Some even linked the possibility of registering more AIDS cases in the country if the new law is approved.

South Africa is a well known country in terms of people's freedoms; as it has the most liberal constitution where same-sex marriages are granted for everyone, as well as polygamy for men and now it is planning to permit polygamy for women.

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