Videos of Spanish-Based Egyptian Contractor Accusing Sisi of Corruption Go Viral

Published September 11th, 2019 - 12:41 GMT
(Afro-Arab Youth Council)
(Afro-Arab Youth Council)

A Barcelona-based Egyptian contractor has been taking Egypt by storm as he posted a series of online videos accusing President Abdel Fattah Sisi and the military of corruption.

Mohammed Ali, 45, a rising actor who has his own construction business and worked with the Egyptian military on building projects for 15 years went to Facebook last week on September 2. He claimed the Egyptian military-led authorities misappropriated millions of pounds from the country.

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From Spain where he moved with his family, Ali said the Engineering Authority of the Egyptian Armed Forces assigned mass projects to his Amlak Contracting Company by placing direct orders rather than going through tenders. However, the Sisi government never paid up and now owes his company more than 220 million Egyptian pounds ($13m).

He has also accused Sisi and his wife, Intisar and other senior military officials and ministers of corruption as he revealed details of some projects his company was commissioned to build; including a luxurious guest house for Sisi in Alexandria and a palace in Cairo.

In several videos, Ali mocked Sisi and quoted his remarks about the extent of poverty in Egypt and therefore Egyptians are obliged to tight their belts and help the government through accepting the increased prices and taxes while Sisi “ throws away billions and your men are wasting millions”, he said.

Mohammed Ali’s page on Facebook was suspended few days after posting his videos. However, he returned with another page and reposted all of the videos for all to see.

His videos, that range from 20-30 minutes, have gone viral online and viewed by millions in Egypt and the Arab world sparking a debate about the corruption of the Egyptian military and their growing economic empire.

Meanwhile, many began saving the videos and sharing them on YouTube lest be taken down again from his personal account.

Translation: “This is the last video I posted before the page was taken down.”

Ali’s videos have prompted Egyptians to start questioning the issue of finance in the government after it had been a no-go area. Some attributed Ali's popularity due to his sarcastic style of telling details of stories and mockery.

Translation: “History will remember Mohammed Ali is the first to have documents not built on mere paper."

Others even said they look forward to Ali’s next video daily more than they look to Netflix movies and series.

While no official comment emerging from Egypt yet, one lawyer believed to be close to Sisi has announced that he file a complaint with the attorney general accusing Ali of high treason.

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