Stranger Than Fiction! US Law Professors Accuse Al Kurd of Anti-Semitism

Published May 15th, 2022 - 10:26 GMT
Georgetown University
Georgetown University (AFP File Photo)

ALBAWABA - Stranger than fiction! Thirty-four learned legal professors from Georgetown University in Washington are angry with the fact that Mohammad Al Kurd was invited to speak at an event hosted by the law faculty detailing how Israeli legal practices are meted out against the Palestinians.

Nothing wrong with speaking out, you might say! The top law academics are having an issue with a totally different claim made by Al Kurd, a Palestinian whose family is under constant threat of being evicted by Jewish settlers in the Sheikh Jarrah neigbourhood of East Jerusalem.

Israeli lawyers and judges are constantly seen a ways of evicting the Palestinians from their homes. Yet here the world remains silent!

And what is the claim? Here you have to understand the fact Al Kurd is a social media activist, together with his sister Muna Al Kurd, he is an artist and a frustrated poet because of what he says at an Israel political and judicial system stacked up against him.

He is supposed to have said "Jews harvest and eat the organs of Palestinians". Regardless of the fact Al Kurd said that when he was 14 years-old, he was figuratively speaking and outlaying the heinous acts the Israeli state, police and soldiers adopt in dealing with the Palestinians all of which are documented in as plain as daylight.

Al Kurd is also well respected writer who addressed the United Nations in 2021 on the partition of Palestine in 1948.

The judicious lawyers should well read the reports churned out by Amnesty international or the Israel B'Tselem human rights NGO year after year, before they jump on the moral high horse. Nobody here is accusing the Jews of anything. Semitism is not an issue. We are all Semites in the Middle East. There is no open monopoly here. 

To the lawyers of Georgetown: Open up your eyes, search your souls, see who is oppressing who. 


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