Syrian Govt Page Shut Down by Facebook for a Song Glorifying Russia

Published May 12th, 2022 - 06:34 GMT
pro-russia song
The official Syrian page (YouTube)

On Tuesday, a song titled "Glory to Russia" in Arabic caused Facebook moderators to shut down a Syrian government page.

The song which has been posted on the 9th of May, the day Russia celebrates defeating Nazi Germany during the Second World War, was put out by Syrian government social media accounts, including one called the Syrian Arab Television and Radio Broadcasting Commission.

Facebook was then quick to remove the song that celebrated Russia and its army. Meanwhile, the song continues to appear on YouTube as it has been posted by a public TV channel.

Translation: "They protest double standards while posting a song supporting an army that is invading another country."

Online, a new page was recreated by the Syrian government, questioning the reason behind Facebook's decision to remove the video, and accusing the social network of "double standards."

Meanwhile, platforms owned by Meta continue to restrict content that promotes the Russian political agenda amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which started last February.

Finally, anti-Assad Syrians expressed support for the decision taken by Facebook to remove the video, saying their government should not support a foreign army that is invading another sovereign state.

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