Syrian President Suspended: Did Twitter Have a Legitimate Reason or Is This Censorship?

Published January 7th, 2020 - 06:42 GMT
Why Are News Outlets Not Reporting Twitter's Suspension of Syrian President's Account?
Al-Assad Twitter account was suspended for the second time in a month for a post mourning Soleimani's death (Rami Khoury/ Al Bawaba)

Some Twitter users have noticed that the social network suspended the Syrian president's account after his tweet mourning the death of Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani, who was killed during a US drone airstrike in Baghdad.

Some users expressed their anger at Twitter for shutting down the Syrian president's account, that his profile was also suspended early last month when he gave an interview with the Italian TV channel Rai News24.

The presidency's official account on Facebook had reported the suspension of the Twitter account in December, but it hasn't commented on the latest ban yet.

Translation: "A short while ago and during his Rai News24 interview which was later canceled, Twitter has surprisingly suspended the President's account, without clarifying any reasons."

Outraged supporters of al-Assad accused Twitter of serving what they described as an "American political agenda" by suspending the president's account, raising questions about Twitter's 'censorship' policies are more relaxed for US politicians including President Donald Trump. 

Some commentators linked al-Assad's ban from Twitter with a political war targeting Iranian allies in the Middle East, including the Syrian President. 

On the other hand, some social media users argued that it's not unusual for US-based platforms like Twitter and Facebook to moderate content based on Western guidelines. 

The Twitter suspension has shed light on a potential double standard in the platform's policies. Alternatively, there were a few suggestions that the Assad regime's alleged war violations might have had something to do with it.

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