Syrian Teenager Commits Suicide After Ex-Girlfriend Refuses to Unblock Him

Published June 24th, 2019 - 12:25 GMT
Photos circulated social media for Ali Khaled. (Twitter)
Photos circulated social media for Ali Khaled. (Twitter)


A Syrian teenager has hanged himself in Lebanon after his girlfriend broke up with him and blocked him on Facebook.

The story that shocked Lebanon has got the Lebanese security police launching an investigation into the young man’s reasons and living conditions.

Local newspapers had confirmed the young man, identified as Ali Khaled, is 16 years old and he was found dead in a birds shop where he used to work in Saadnayel, in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.

A terrifying photo was shared on the internet, with social media users claiming it is of Khaled when he was found dead and hanged with a rope attached from above around his neck.


Translation: “A young man was found hanged inside a birds shop in Saadnayel. The security forces, the forensic doctor and the criminal evidence had immediately arrived and opened an investigation into the circumstances of the incident.”

According to Annahar news, Khaled committed suicide after he threatened his girlfriend if she would not return back to him and unblock him on Facebook.

The 13-year-old girlfriend who was not identified refused.

The story had sparked controversy in Lebanon for the young age of the victim.

Translation: “It aches my heart to see such news. This is a confirmation that the younger generation is marginalized, and what would make him commit suicide because of a love story except for the emotional deprivation and lack of awareness he suffered. Why do adults engage in issues that only incite hatred and neglect awareness programs for the younger generation, or create fruitful projects in their brains and hearts?”

Others blamed the parents’ allowance to their kids to access the internet and social media with no control from the parents.

Translation: “‘Unblock me, otherwise I am going to kill myself.’ This is a message Ali sent to his girlfriend yesterday before he hanged himself. Ali is 16 years old and his girlfriend in 13. His father is terrified. Don’t leave your kids on social media. Watch them and give advice. Don’t underestimate them or trust them whatsoever they said. They are your responsibility.”

Many expressed sadness and worries to hear such a story in a time the young generations are being marginalized and neglected.

Translation: “Sad. May God bless the soul of this angel. Please, please, grow hope in the hearts of young people and teach them that we are all going to die, so do not rush to choose it. Let us live with a loving and open mind.”

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