Syrians Hold Mock Presidential Elections in Germany

Published May 25th, 2021 - 12:02 GMT
Syria's sham presidential elections held on May 26th
Video of people fake holding presidential elections in Germany was released. (Twitter/ Syrian Network)
Syria's sham presidential elections held on May 26th.

Days before the 2021 presidential elections in Syria, people have performed their own presidential vote in order to protest what is believed to be sham elections where Bashar Al-Assad is likely to win for a fourth round.

Despite Germany’s ban on holding elections in the Syrian embassy in Berlin; opposition figures residing in the city insisted on showing their stand against the upcoming illegitimate presidential elections.

In the video released, a man seems to come to a poll station where a three electoral commission is welcoming voters sitting there; The three men hand the voter a ballot bearing three mockery names and photos of Bashar Al-Assad. The man makes his choice then throws the paper in a garbage basket that has Syria’s president’s photos tapped on it.

A photo of the fake ballot was also shared on Twitter which read: Syrian Arab Republic; ballot card for Syria presidential elections 2021-2028. However, the photos and the nicknames are all for the current Syrian president Al-Assad, who is predicted to re-win for another 7 years.

Syria Constitutional Court announced months ago 3 applicants including Bashar Assad, out of 51 for candidacy to run for coming Syrian presidential elections which will take place tomorrow, May 26th.

Candidates are Abdullah Salloum Abdullah, who is an ex-member of Syria’s legislative authority; Mahmoud Ahmad Marie, a part of UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva; and the current president Bashar Assad.

Some Syrians in Germany protested the government’s decision to forbid voting in the presidential elections in front of the Berlin embassy, while others traveled all the way from Germany to Belgium to cast their votes.

In Lebanon, clashes between Syrian expats and Lebanese citizens took place in Tripoli after photos for Bashar Al-Assad were raised in the area following revealing the results of polls in the Syrian embassy in Lebanon.

Lebanese were furious about the large group of Syrians who raised al-Assad photos and voted for him in the sham presidential elections while escaping their country to live in Lebanon. However, some said that expats were forced to vote for Al-Assad because they fear for their lives even outside the border.

In 2014, Presidential elections were held in Syria; Bashar Al-Assad was declared the winner after securing 88.7% of the votes. This year he is widely expected to win for another 7-year term.

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