Taliban Militants Blur Women’s Images Out of Street Adverts

Published August 17th, 2021 - 09:01 GMT
Taliban militants cover models' faces in Kabul streets
Taliban militants blur women's photos from the streets of Kabul. (Twitter)
Taliban militants in the 90s denied women basic life rights such as education, work, and ability to wear clothes freely.

Few hours after the fall of Kabul on Sunday August 15th, 2020, the Taliban militants started to impose their own rules in the area. 

Militants were seen blurring photos of women in street advertisements in the Afghan capital, Kabul, using white paint.

In the photo shared, a man was seen with a paintbrush hiding models' pictures in front of a woman's beauty salon.

Women activists and human rights advocates have expressed their worries and concerns over the Taliban's rough and strict restrictions that might be imposed by the Islamic group.

During the Taliban’s control of Kabul in the 90s, it has imposed strict restrictions and measures on women including forcing them to wear Burqa- which is a full veil that covers the female body and head in public places.

Furthermore, the Taliban prohibited females over 8 years of age from attending schools so many were secretly going to private ones.

The Taliban spokesperson assured the BBC that women can access education and can still work, but they have to stick to Hijab. He also added Kabul will be under an 'Islamic government’.

On the other hand, Afghan’s first female mayor, Zarifa Ghafari, revealed that she is terrified as she is waiting for militants to come after people like her.

Moreover, brave journalists are seen on the streets of Kabul covering news despite possible fears that the Taliban militants may attack them for not wearing full Burqa and for working.

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