A Tunisian Imam Suspended For Using 'Coup' in His Khutba

Published August 14th, 2022 - 07:57 GMT
In Tunisia
(Credit: Anadolu)

ALBAWABA - A Tunisian Imam was suspended for reciting versus from the Quran. His case has been trending on the social media. He may have used words in Arabic that referred to the latest coup, the action the current president Kais Saied is accused of  when he suspended parliament and started to rule by decree on 25 July last year. 

Anadolu put it this way stating: Controversy is heating up in Tunisia after local authorities suspended a Muslim Imam for reciting verses from the Noble Quran, Islam’s holy book, regarding “coup”.

The Imam's name is Muhammed Zain al-Din, 60, from the Nabeul province which is in the east of the country. He told the local media he recited the verses during prayer last week in the presence of the Minister of Religious Affairs Ibrahim al-Shaibi.

After the khutba Zain Al Din was suspended from his post for 10 days. “I was given a 10-day leave by the local authorities without giving any reason,” the preacher said, adding that he was later told by the authorities that he can resume his work.

After the prayer, Zain al-Din said he was urged by the minister to avoid these verses amid a deep political crisis in the North African country, the Turkish news agency reported. 

There was no comment from the Tunisian authorities on the allegation.

Tunisia is in the throes of a deep political crisis that aggravated the country's economic conditions since President Kais Saied ousted the government, suspended parliament and assumed executive authority last year.

While Saied insists his measures were meant to "save" the country, critics have accused him of orchestrating a coup.  

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