US Airstrike Killed Afghan Relief Worker and His Kids, Not an ISIS-K Terrorist

Published September 12th, 2021 - 05:54 GMT
Zemari Ahmadi and his family
Zemari Ahmadi and his family were targeted in the US airstrike on the 29th of August. (Twitter: @mattaikins)

Investigating the US airstrike that was launched briefly after the Kabul airport attack on the 26th of August 2021, killing hundreds of Afghans and at least 13 US troops, the New York Times has published its findings concluding that the target of the airstrike was not a terrorist affiliated with ISIS-K, but rather a relief worker and his family members.

According to NYT's Matthieu Aikins, the US drone airstrike that was celebrated by US President Joe Biden as his administration's way of "delivering justice" against ISIS-K terrorists who plotted the Kabul Airport attack missed its target, committing another crime against Afghans.

Aikins's investigation with video evidence has found out that the target of the strike authorized by Biden was 43-years old Zemari Ahmadi who is a driver for the California-based relief organization Nutrition and Education International that is operating in Afghanistan. 9 other people were killed in this airstrike, including 7 kids.

Ahmadi, who was killed along with his family, had applied for refuge in the US and was waiting for approval so he can leave with his family to the US, considering his work with a US organization over the years.

However, Zemari Ahmadi was targeted by the US drone as he was loading a trunk with water jugs mistook for explosives by US officials who decided that the raid can be proper revenge for the US, following the death of its 13 troops in the airport attack.

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