Vegan food for dogs stirs debate in Lebanon

Published March 30th, 2023 - 10:10 GMT
vegan food
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ALBAWABA - A Reddit user ignited debate on social media after sharing an Instagram page promoting vegan food for dogs.

The user posted a photo showing the Instagram page V-planet Lebanon, which is followed by 556 people, and said: "there's a reason they're naturally carnivores."

Multiple discussions about whether dogs can be vegan or not erupted. A person decried feeding dogs vegan food saying it's considered "mistreatment".

On the other hand, another Reddit user said that dogs are omnivores which means that they can survive on plant material alone.

Vegan food

A commentator said: "Actually dogs are omnivores and can live healthy lives without meat same as humans. Cats on the other hand are carnivores and cannot survive on a vegan diet."

However, another declared: "They are actually omnivores and studies have shown that dogs can not only survive but thrive on a proper vegan diet. I have a degree in animal care and was literally taught this in school as well."

About v-planet:

The v-planet is a family business run by vet parents. The v-planet kibble is formulated to meet or exceed all guidelines for dogs nutrition per Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards to meet dog’s nutritional needs.

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