Video of Muslim Man Blocking Airplane Aisle Draws Ire of Islamic Twitter

Published August 22nd, 2019 - 10:03 GMT

Video of Muslim man praying in the aisle of an airplane causing inconvenience and then attacking the flight attendant has been circulating the internet.


The video shows a Muslim man who chose the airplane's aisle a place to perform his religious duty despite the fact that he blocked the aisle and caused inconvenience for the flight attendants. Moments after he is done praying, he gets up to punch the flight attendant in the face.

In another video taken later, the man was evacuated by the police but he refused and tried to resist while shouting “Allahu Akbar”. The Transavia Airline flight that was flying from Paris to Tunis was rerouted then and delayed in Nice, France.

The video was widely shared on the internet with more social media users weighing on the story.

For Muslim Twitter, a debate was ongoing whether what the man has done was necessary or not as he could have prayed in his seat without all the fuss.

While no more information of the man or the video’s date were clear, some suggested the incident had happened recently on the French airlines while others claimed it’s old videos resurfacing on the internet. The man is also believed to be Turkish, according to social media usersز

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