Exiled Syrians Respond to Blumenthal’s Promotion of ‘Assad’s Syria’ With Distaste

Published September 9th, 2019 - 10:35 GMT

American researcher, author, anti-Israel activist, and son of former Clinton advisor, Max Blumenthal, has been widely slammed on the internet over his recent visit to Syria through which he is accused of “whitewashing” the Syrian regime crimes.

Blumenthal has gone to Twitter to share photos from his trip to Damascus claiming to show the reality in Syria while praising the Syrian regime for allegedly trying to rebuild Syria after the eight-year war that caused massive destruction, killed and forced millions of Syrians to leave their homes.

In a Twitter thread, Blumenthal said he visited the Syrian capital to provide a perspective from inside the country where most Syrians live, a narrative being “ignored” by the Western media, as he claimed, to give grounds for the war in the past years.

One photo Blumenthal shared is for a poster of members of the Ja’afari force, an Iran backed military forces providing fighters from Afghanistan and Iraq. However, Blumenthal, who could not read the Arabic poster, claimed it is “honoring the Syrian army soldiers” who were killed in the war against “foreign-backed extremists”, Blumenthal tweeted.

Twitter users were quick to point out the embarrassing mistranslation. One user said, “This is what happens when you don't know anything about Syria or how to read Arabic.”

Meanwhile, many Syrians who have a significant role in the Syrian uprising of 2011 and were forced to leave the country amid fears of being targeted by the regime, have harshly criticized Max Blumenthal as the “White American son-of-a-millionaire-politician” who whitewashes the Syrian regime crimes.

One activist who had left Syria in 2014 and can’t return back over fears of her life have condemned Blumenthal’s attempt to visit Syria and promote a fake narrative of how peaceful and calm it is while still ruled by the same Syrian regime who destroyed Syria and still able to detain, torture and kills any critics.

Another user accused Max Blumenthal of being complicit in promoting “brutal tyrants” with his American-government passport.

Blumenthal is known for his controversial and changing positions in the Syrian war. He was known for his work with the Lebanese newspaper, Al Akhbar, in 2011 but he left a year after in a protest against the newspaper's "pro-Assad" editorial line. However, Blumenthal visited the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan and changed his position since then. Later in 2015, he began to claim the White Helmets were connected to Al-Qaeda and anti-Assad Syrians were members of the group.

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