Video: Trump Makes Fun of Joe Biden's Bike Fall

Published June 19th, 2022 - 07:53 GMT
Joe Biden
Joe Biden fell over his bike on Saturday in Delaware. (Video/ Screenshot/ Donald Trump/Truth Social)

Former US President Donald Trump has taken it to his own social media app 'Truth Social' to mock the current US President Joe Biden after his fall over the bike on Saturday at the end of a ride at Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware.

Trump has shared a video on Truth Social where he showed himself playing golf, which is Donald's favorite and most played sport, the former president is seen in the video wearing a MAGA hat and throwing a golf ball, and then a video showing Biden falling off his bike appears.

The former president's video on Truth Social gained super engagement as it reached thousands of 'ReTruths' and 'Likes' in a short time. Moreover, the video wasn't limited to users of the Truth Social, but also it was shared on other social media platforms including Twitter.

'Score!, IM DEAD, Incredible, and Nice shot Donnie!' people commented on Trump's mockery video. The 79-year-old president was holding a ride next to the First Lady Jill Biden before his tragic fall.

Former President Trump, years earlier, had retweeted on his official Twitter account, before being permanently banned from the platform in 2021, a video created by a random person showing the president also throwing a golf ball and showing it hitting the back of Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, causing her fall over plane's steps.

Joe Biden finished his bike tour and fell off the bike while trying to dismount, but assured the crowd that he wasn't hurt. 'I'm good,' the president told the press who saw him take the tumble.

The 46th US president was marking his 45th wedding anniversary along with his wife Jill and Juneteenth weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. 

Social media users have also taken the chance to share other videos of the president while stumbling in different times and places. Some have also shared videos of other political figures who also fell down while walking or climbing planes' steps including Hilary Clinton and Mike Pence the former vice president of Donald Trump.

In fact, this is not the first time Joe Biden falls; US President has a full record of tumbling and stumbling especially while climbing up airplanes' steps. 

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