Videos: How Are Ukrainians Treating Captured Russian Soldiers?

Published March 9th, 2022 - 08:52 GMT
Captured Russian Soldiers
The number of war prisoners in Ukraine is not yet clear. (Twitter)

Russian troops continue their attempts to seize major Ukrainian cities including the capital city of Kyiv. However, the Ukrainian fight resisting the invasion is said to have captured a number of Russian soldiers many of whom have been appearing in viral videos online.

Even though videos that have been shared online showing captured Russian soldiers treated relatively well by Ukrainians have been meant to help Ukrainians feel that their resistance is being effective in stopping the Russian progress towards Kyiv, human rights organizations have expressed their concerns over the situation of war prisoners on both sides, urging all parties to treat captured fighters well and to prevent any violations. 

Amongst the videos that have been widely shared on social media networks are ones with Russian soldiers calling their families back home to reassure them they are alive. 

Another video showed a Russian soldier drinking a warm beverage and having a meal, while a Ukrainian young woman gave him the chance to video call his mother in Russia.

Social media users shared the video in celebration of what they described as the "humane and decent" treatment Ukrainians are giving to the invading soldiers after they fell into capture.

On the 24th of February, Russia launched a military operation against Ukraine, including a ground invasion, with the announced goal of "neutralizing and disarming Ukraine", after the latter expressed intentions to join NATO and the European Union.

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