Viral: Why Didn't Boris Johnson Go When Everybody Wanted Him to?

Published July 7th, 2022 - 07:15 GMT
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson: Facing the crisis ( AFP file folder)

ALBAWABA - It is crisis in the UK with the cabinet haemorrhaging. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson seems to be losing ministers and support from his Conservative Party by the minute and in a surprising manner.

The social media is going frenzy with news. What is 'mind-boggling is the fact that its coming from such a party who is long seen as the pillar of the establishment and of propriety. The latest comes from:

The comments are rife with jabs and mockery:

How the UK minister, at least for the moment insists on staying despite the seething loss of support which may not have happened in the whole history of British politics. People are asking what's next?

One compares him to Zelensky:

Another says he is plunging Britain into an unprecedented crisis. But another one seem to be supporting his refusal to go:

One ally of Mr Johnson said: 'He’s not going anywhere. He reminded ministers he has a mandate from 14 million people and told them no one is going to take it off him,' as reported in the Daily Mail.  

But just a minute will you! Boris is a traditional conservative - take away the right and left aspect of the party. Joe Biden is a hard-hitting Democrat with different political philosophy. 

And of course there is the international angle to consider. Is Britain becoming somewhat of a novelty. This one had to say this:

But this is no joke as this one explains:

But the heartache in British politics may continue for quite sometime; the infighting in the Conservative Party is set to continue for a while longer. We stand amused!


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