Was Jordan's PM Slapped in the Face and Did he Throw an Ashtray on his Minister? 

Published December 8th, 2021 - 09:41 GMT

ALBAWABA - Did he or didn't he slap the Prime Minister? Did he or didn't he - and here we are talking about the premier throw an ashtray at him? Who started first and is this becoming of public officials? 

We are off  course talking about Jordan's Prime Minister Bisher Al Khasawneh and his Minister for Prime Minister Affairs Dr Ibrahim Al Jazi, a former university lecturer, who had a bit of a tiff the other day.

It has since been the talk-of-town on the social media with many posting and reposting the incident and some taking to comment with a hashtag (#كف_الريس).  But there is a great deal of confusion and denial at what happened and there is much mockery and laughter. 

What we do know is this. And here you might say thank goodness for the social media platforms. A war of words between the two led to physical friction and tempers rising, not quite reaching to a punch up but very nearly. During an argument, the Prime Minister allegedly took an ashtray and hurled it at Al Jazi who in turn got so mad that he, also allegedly, slapped the prime minister on the face. To add more titillation one on the social says the PM go slapped TWICE. 

Now, this is maybe a storm in a tea cup. No one, officially, accept, Mr Al Jazi commented on the incident. However, he merely described what happened as "insignificant and not worthy of comment." 

But is this true? To slap a prime minister is a big deal not to say anything about the fact that its downright humiliating and there should be consequences. Whether this would be taken up it would certainly be up to the Prime Minister. 

Plus, we don't really know why this happened despite the tidbits of news which suggests that the PM comes from the north, and something to do about appointments and one says the minister has a bad temper and he did that before at his university.

Let's us see how will this play out. 

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