'We Are All Sheikh Al Humaid' - Castigating Israelis is Not Wrong!

Published August 3rd, 2022 - 07:23 GMT
Sheikh of the Grand Mosque
Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid (twitter)

ALBAWABA - Saudi Imam of Mecca's Grand Mosque Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid is under fire from the Israeli lobby for what is being seen as his famous Friday khutuba - sermon - about castigating the Jews in his prayers to the Almighty God. 

The Israelis are saying stop, this is incitement: In consequence they have registered their anger by demanding a "reversal in speech" which they regard as going against the heart of co-existence and being good neighborly.

But hold on a second! Saudi Arabia has not normalized with Israel. If anybody is under that impression they have then they can think again. Israelis must reconsider: Saudi is not about to normalize! 

But why should Israelis be angry at Sheikh Bin Humaid at what he said as this is normal Koranic speech in Islam as the Imam said: “Oh God, be upon you with the usurping and occupying Jews, for they will not incapacitate you."

Was the Sheikh saying anything knew? Whether you like it or not Israel is a usurper state, it has taken what is not theirs in 1948 and kicked over 700,000 Palestinians out and it has occupied the state and refuses to budge on peace which its not interested in. So I would say the Sheikh is right to say these things!

Saudi bloggers are not letting Israelis get away under the hashtag of (#كلنا_الشيخ_بن_حميد) (we are all sheikh bin Humaid) and are blogging in his support. The social media is literally infested with the news of what Shiekh Humaid actually said.

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Today emotions by Muslims are running high with many speaking out, making the call for normalization with Israel a cup-half-empty to say the least. 


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