In a Weekend: 3 Sexual Harassment Cases Sends The Saudi Public Mad

Published May 12th, 2019 - 08:22 GMT

Three separate sexual harassment incidents have taken place in Saudi Arabia during the weekend, two of them were documented in videos and Saudis are exploding in anger.

After the Public Prosecutor announced that a man was arrested in Al Khobar city after reportedly harassing a group of women in their car, a video from Dammam city in the Eastern province of the Kingdom has gone viral.

It documented the moment when a man sexually harassed a woman in public while she was leaving one of the stores.

The video outraged Saudis and social media users who launched hashtag #_تحرش_جنسي_بفتاه_الدمام [Sexual harassment of a woman in Dammam], to share the video demanding authorities to take serious action against him.

Translation: “This is a message for those who usually blame the women’s way of dressing, makeup or her morals for being sexually harassed, this girl in Dammam was full of morality and wearing the most non-revealing clothes yet he harassed her!”

While officials did not comment on the video, Saudis demanded authorities to arrest him in accordance with new legislation that criminalizes sexual harassment in the Kingdom.

A few hours later, another video from Tabuk city has, as well, circulated the internet for what appeared to be a man harassing Saudi woman in public in one of the supermarkets.

Meanwhile, hashtag #متحرش_تبوك [Tabuk Harasser] has been trending on Twitter with more Saudis joining to demand harsh punishment against the harassers in the wake of three incidents in a few days.

Translation: “A new harasser. When are we going to get rid of those disgusting kinds of people? Keep sharing it everywhere until the man is arrested.”

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