What Do Emiratis Think About Princess Haya’s Reported Escape to Germany?

Published June 30th, 2019 - 01:06 GMT

Following a week of unconfirmed reports that Princess Haya bint Hussein is seeking asylum to Germany, sources close to the ruling family in Dubai confirmed the reports to international media.

Princess Haya, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s wife and the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan, have reportedly fled the UAE along with her two kids, Zayed and Jalila, with assistance of a German diplomat to seek asylum in Germany.

As yet there is no confirmation from German, Emirati or Jordanian sources. The Daily Mail had reported on Friday that the Princess left UAE and is seeking a divorce, citing two sources close to the ruling family in Dubai.

Princess Haya is not the first member of Sheikh Mohammed’s family to attempt an escape. Earlier last year, the story of the runaway daughter of Sheikh Mohammed was triggered in the media, when Princess Latifa tried to escape the country to start a new life by the help of foreign friends. She was eventually forced to return to Dubai and has disappeared from public view since.

The stories of both princesses have raised many questions over Sheikh Mohammed’s attitude toward women in his family.

Additionally, media reports have also confirmed that Germany has refused a request from her husband to return his wife to Dubai.

Meanwhile, the story has taken the internet by storm with opinion online divided whether the story is fake or Princess Haya has actually escaped and the reasons led her to do so.

Meanwhile, Emiratis took to the internet to weigh in on the story. Some claimed Princess Haya has stolen money before fleeing.

Translation: “Don't’ forget the Princess Haya’s father is late King Hussein and her brother is a current king. She does not need to steal 4 billion! It is well-known that her father is among the richest people in the world.”

Others went to disprove the news claiming it is an “international propaganda” that aims to hurt the Emirati and Jordanian bilateral relations and raise diplomatic tensions.

Translation: “There are many haters. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and her Highness Princess Haya are nobler than saying such stuff about them by anyone. Either you provide a source or shut up.”

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