What Does the Taliban Say About the War in Ukraine?

Published February 28th, 2022 - 07:22 GMT
Taliban and Ukraine
Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi. (AFP: WAKIL KOHSAR)

The war in Ukraine is everything the world is talking about. Ever since Russia decided to move its troops into Ukraine's borders in a full invasion that has been warned of for several weeks. In response, world governments have a lot to say about the ongoing conflict.

Considering the scale of the invasion and the Russian threats of extending the conflict to other European countries that wish to join NATO while it shared borders with Russia, most world governments are growing more and more concerned with what this escalating confrontation might bring.

The global concern is not receiving any reassurance, especially after reports that the Russian President has ordered his nuclear weapons to be put on high alert. This is why more and more governments from around the world have been issuing statements that call for restrains, dialogue based on mutual interest as the founding basis to end the escalation. 

Amongst governments that have issued such statements came a surprising one by the Taliban government that has been controlling Afghanistan since August 2021.

The Taliban's government statement expressed "concern over the real possibility of civilian casualties" and called on all parties to practice restrain and refrain from intensifying violence.

Not only did online people express shock over the highly-diplomatic language that was used in the statement by the Taliban's foreign ministry, but also by the fact that the Taliban have used relatively balanced language towards the conflict that involves the two global polars the group fought during the last 40 years, the Russians and the NATO.

Despite regaining power in Afghanistan for several months now, the Taliban's government continues to seek recognition by other world governments, pledging to show a different example of governance from the one the group used during the 1990s, before the US-led invasion in 2001. 

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