What Is a Halal Sex Shop? What Makes It One and Why Is It Needed?

Published July 2nd, 2020 - 06:34 GMT
What Is a Halal Sex Shop? What Makes It One and Why Is It Needed?
The Nottingham shop due to be launched will offer sex toys to Muslim couples who don't feel comfortable at conventional ones. (Facebook: habebeeloveshop)

Despite its launch being postponed, a Nottingham-based online sex toy shop branded as an Islamic or Halal "allowed" shop has triggered online and community conversations on what makes the shop "Islamic" and why is it needed, when regular sex toys shops have been available for years.

As soon as media outlets started reporting news of the first of its kind love shop, social media users couldn't help but question the reasons that make this specific shop designed to cater to "Muslim couples" rather than couples from all faiths and backgrounds.

Some users still expressed their suspicion that linking the shop with words that are increasingly becoming more trendy, when it comes to marketing in non-Muslim-majority countries, could only be meant to boost sales.

According to the Nottingham Post, the Habebee shop which "offers items traditionally found in sex shops such as massage oil, sexy lingerie, fluffy handcuffs, and whips "will not be selling toys for Islamically-non approved sexual practices," such as self-pleasure or painful toys.

Additionally, "the shop will not be displaying lingerie using mannequins, neither will its products show models on the packaging or promotional material."

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