What Hints Did the Texas Shooter Leave Online Before The Massacre?

Published May 26th, 2022 - 06:40 GMT
texas shooter online
Flowers are placed on a makeshift memorial in front of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on May 25, 2022. The tight-knit Latino community of Uvalde was wracked with grief Wednesday after a teen in body armor marched into the school and killed 19 children and two teachers, in the latest spasm of deadly gun violence in the US. (Photo by CHANDAN KHANNA / AFP)

Only a few hours after the Ulvade massacre in Texas, police sources and internet people picked up the different messages the shooter had left online before committing his crime, killing 19 elementary school kids and two adult teachers.

The Uvalde massacre's shooter was immediately identified as 18-years old Salvador Rolando Ramos who has been reported to suffer bullying in school and had already purchased two rifles and several rounds of live ammunition prior to the attack that took place on Tuesday in Robb Elementary School in
Uvalde, Texas.

Ramos had also shot his grandmother in the face before leaving the house as she was attempting to call the police to warn them of his plans.

Yet, investigations have been tracing several online posts made by Ramos prior to the attack, ones that may have helped save 21 lives.

On his TikTok profile, named "The Biggest Opp", Salvador Rolando Ramos had written "Kids be scared irl" in his bio, meaning "Kids should be scared in real life".

A Los Angeles-based online friend of Ramos said he had texted her shortly before storming the elementary school in Uvalde, telling her he wanted to share "a little secret" with her, before texting her the slang phrase "Ima air out", which points at his plans to fire gunshots through a scene, clearing all humans randomly. 

Moreover, Ramos's now suspended Instagram account had included several stories and posts showing his interest in weapons and firearms. 

In one of Ramos's latest stories, according to one of his high-school mates, he appeared in an angry exchange with his mother, using curse words against her, before explaining that she wanted him out of the house.

A report by the Washington Post has cited one of Ramos' school friends saying that the latter "had suffered bullying for speech impediment", which had been making him angrier over the last few years".

While mourning the 21 victims of the shooting, social media commentators have been widely sharing screenshots of Ramos' online hints, expressing disappointment that the FBI and Texas officials had failed to identify the teenager as a potential danger before he committed his crime.


The Uvalde shooting has also reignited the debate over the US policies towards semi-automatic weapons and the right to bear arms stated in the country's constitution. 

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