Fake or Real: What Are we to Make of The New Yellow Mountain Kingdom?

Published September 9th, 2019 - 12:24 GMT

A video of a Lebanese-American woman claiming to be the Prime Minister of the newly-established Kingdom of the Yellow Mountain in the Middle East has gone viral on the internet.

Nadera Nassif has appeared on a video shared on Facebook and Twitter via the official social media channels of the Kingdom and announced on behalf of the Kingdom of Yellow Mountain the official establishment of the country from Odesa, Ukraine, where the officials met on September 5, 2019.

The claimed-country is an “Islamic” state located in the Middle East in Africa. It is boarded by Egypt from the North and Sudan from the South. Its total area is 2060 square kilometers and expected to welcome six million people in population within the coming five years.

Nassif claims in her video the aim behind establishing this country is to be the ideal country in the region, as it will welcome all refugees and migrants and it could be the destination of Arabs dreaming about immigration. On the choice of the name, the Kingdom attributed it to a big golden yellow mountain that currently exists on the land.

In the meantime, Nassif urges the international community to acknowledge the Kingdom as a sovereign state.

Without providing more details on the meeting in Ukraine, or the royal family that will be taking over the throne, the claimed-state has only two accounts; on Facebook and Twitter alongside a website that is still under construction.

The Prime Minister, Nadia Nassif has also a Twitter account through which she announced they are officially accepting the citizenship applications in a few days after announcing the eligibility erquirements.

The story has attracted the attention of the internet with more people weighing on the story questioning the accuracy of the information being provided.

While some have paid congrats to the Prime Minister for the new Kingdom, others have assumed the news is fake and it’s nothing but a clickbait.


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