What is The Truth Behind Wayfair's Child Trafficking Allegations?

Published July 19th, 2021 - 10:34 GMT
Wayfair was accused of child trafficking in 2020.
Wayfair. (Shutterstock/ File Photo)
Wayfair CEO had quit after the massive allegations of the company's link to child trafficking.

Wayfair, an American store for selling households and furniture, is accused of being linked to a child trafficking group from 2020.

The hashtags (#Wayfair and #wayfairtrafficking) were trending for 3 days in a row after the claims were released last year.

The conspiracy theory began after a person shared a post on Reddit complaining about the high costs of the stuff inside the website for example the price of a pillow or a small carpet can cost up to $10,000.

The user curiously shared the photo and wrote: “Who can afford buying a pillow at this price and why is it super expensive?”

After the man’s post; people started to wonder and look at the company's extremely high prices. Not only pillows but most of the household items offered by Wayfair can’t be afforded by a normal person with a regular salary.

The huge shock which left people confused is that whenever they research any item that costs between $10,000 to $15,000, a name of a missing child appears on the item. People after that claimed that the price is not truly for the item shared by the American firm, rather it refers to the price of the child sold through the website.

However, the conspiracy  theory wasn’t only built on the high prices and the names of the missing kids appearing inside the Wayfair website; People tried to search the codes of some items on Google but couldn’t find any results; when they tried to search for them on Russian Yandex search engine, they got multiple photos for children, most of them in inappropriate poses.

What made the allegations even more believable is that the names of the books placed to decorate some of the items are super weird such as ‘Bloody Harvest’, ‘Anatomy of Evil’ and ‘No Witnesses’.

A photoshop expert proved that such books were photoshopped into the original picture deliberately to prove the claim that the company is in fact a cover up for a child trafficking ring.

On the other hand, officials  in the American company, Wayfair which is based in Boston, have denounced the allegations against the company saying they are baseless claims.

They also announced the resignation of the firm’s CEO following the viral spread of a bizarre internet theory about the company’s involvement in child trafficking through high items’ prices.

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