What Will Happen to the Saudi Christian Convert Who Filmed His Baptism for All to See?

Published October 29th, 2019 - 07:39 GMT

A young Saudi man shared a video of himself getting baptized in the UK, making his conversion to Christianity public and inviting disapproval from Islamic communities.

In the video, Bandar Al Otaibi's baptism is performed at a church where he lies in a bathtub filled with water.

"This is the moment I was baptized at a church on Sunday 20-10-2019. Yes to the freedom of belief,” Al Otaibi wrote in a tweet. “Best decision of my life.” 

The video sparked outrage among Saudi social media users. Many of them strongly attacked him although the reaction did not come as a surprise, as converting from Islam is considered an act of blasphemy in the Islamic Kingdom.  

Translation: “Don’t attack him. Just be thankful Allah blessed us with Islam and cursed him with Christianity. Don’t curse at him, he’s already cursed.”

Translation: “I ask Allah to show you the right way, and that you die a Muslim man.”

Translation: “Islam will win, with or without you. But you, without Islam, are a lost man.”

On the other hand, some defended Al Oatibi, arguing that freedom of belief is a human right should be legal in the conservative country. 

Translation: “Congratulations. I hope there will come a day when there will be freedom of belief in Saudi Arabia.”

Translation: “Blessed baptism.”

Despite the controversy, there has been no official comments or statements from Saudi officials to date.

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