What's the Reason Behind Russia's Drill to Cut Its Internet off From the Rest of the World?

Published December 24th, 2019 - 11:12 GMT
What's the Reason Behind Russia's Drill to Cut Its Internet off From the Rest of the World? (Shutterstock)
Russia completed a series of tests to make sure it can function if it cuts off its Internet (Shutterstock)

The Russian government confirmed that a series to tests to disconnect its Internet from the rest of the world were successful. 

Russia's deputy communications minister Alexei Sokolov said at a press conference that the tests proved the country is ready to respond to possible threats, according to local news agencies.

The experiment had been planned for some time but was postponed until the Sovereign Internet bill was passed that gives the government the right to disconnect from the World Wide Web in case of a national emergency or foreign attack. 

Online, people speculated over why Russia would go to such lengths to cut itself off from the web. 

Although the government didn't reveal technical details, it stated that it tested several simulations including a scenario of a hostile cyber attack from a foreign country, according to ZDNet. 

The new bill and the cyber shut down capabilities together mean that Russia can effectively run the world's largest intranet network with a push of a button, completely detached from the external web.

Even though the move is being described as a protective measure, there are fears that it could be exploited as a form of state surveillance on citizens or to censor mass dissent.

But with much cyber hostility and privacy concerns between the US and Russia, many view this as a legitimate defense strategy. 

Meanwhile the official Kremlin news Twitter account assured the public that Russia's intentions were limited to security. 

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