When It’s a National Threat, We Think Collectively. Not Individually.

Published March 15th, 2020 - 01:43 GMT
When It’s a National Threat, We Think Collectively. Not Individually.
Lebanese nurse in a fight against Coronavirus

By Ahmad Al Shafeey

Lara Hamoud is a Lebanese nurse and a real life superhero. A touching video published on social media of a Lebanese nurse giving us a taste of what it’s like to set aside everything that matters in your personal life and devote your time, energy and dedicate oneself for the collective good. 


As CoronaVirus finds its way to Western Asia, Lebanon declared a state of medical emergency to shut down all public and private institutions except for hospitals, pharmacies and bakeries as part of precautions taken to contain CoronaVirus.

According to the country's health ministry; 93 people have been infected so far with the virus after detecting the first case on February 21. While neighboring countries such as Jordan and Israel implemented similar emergency measures to avoid massive outbreaks similar to Italy and Iran.

Amid all chaos and public confusion, a video was placed on social media as it went viral. It served as a reminder that behind the scenes there are people who are sacrificing far more than their identity, as a part of their assigned duty with no intent to be recognized nor obtain recognition.

People like Lara Hamoud, a nurse who's been called for an endless shift to help with the fight against novel CoronaVirus, in the video stresses;

“Back home, my mother is fighting cancer and even though i’m worried about her, this does not mean i’m relieved of my duty, because, when it becomes a national threat, we think collectively and not individually."

As health care workers are among the most at risk of contracting the virus, they too, have sacrifices to make during these tough times, from spending quality time with their loved ones to put their own personal safety at risk. Lara says;

“Every Time we know a patient has recovered, we feel like we’ve won. Every Time a patient has died, we’ve lost."

And as mother's day is at the corner, Lara sends a message to her Family, specifically to her 3 children waiting for her back home;

“Adam, Daniel and Eliia, I miss you all and i love you very much. This time we will celebrate apart, for Lebanon, our nation and mission towards humanity. Love you.”

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