Which Violence Victims Earn Trump's Tears?

Published September 1st, 2020 - 09:22 GMT
Is Trump Being Selective Grieving White Violence Victims but Not Black Ones?
The tweet has urged social media users to accuse Trump of "engaging in decisive politics". (Shutterstock: mikeledray)

US President Donald Trump seems to have landed under online attacks after a post featuring a white victim dubbed as the "MAGA martyr" who was shot during the violence that erupted in Portland, Oregon on Sunday following a pro-Trump rally in the city. Commentators argued that he had never acted so quickly condemning the death of other victims of violence or police brutality, especially black ones.

The tweet was shared by Trump only a few hours after Jay Bishop was pronounced dead; as a result of a shooting believed to have been carried out by an anti-Trump militant. Bishop was later identified as a member of the right-wing Patriot Prayer group.

Stirring controversy, the tweet has urged social media users to accuse Trump of "engaging in decisive politics," saying that he never expressed similar sentiments towards victims, who were targeted by his supporters or black people shot by the police and who are often highlighted by Black Lives Matter supporters.

Last week, two individuals were killed during protests that took place in the Wisconsin city of Kenosha after black 29-years old Jacob Blake received 7 bullets in the back after a policeman fired at him at a close range near his car.

The two victims, who were killed that night were believed to have been shot by 17-years old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was filmed as he approached protesters carrying a gun and wasn't arrested until the next day in response to public outrage.

Right: Jay Bishob, Left: Kyle Rittenhouse

Getting things even more debatable, Trump refused to condemn the actions of Rittenhouse, saying that the teenager, said to be connected to right-wing groups, "was defending himself."

Trump's stances in regard to black people have also been the subject of several conversations lately, especially as one of the 5 black young men, who were wrongly accused of gang rape in NYC's Central Park, co-authored a book about Trump's attempts to get him and his fellows executed before they were found innocent 7 years later.

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