White Privilege or Good Police Work? Video of Cops Not Shooting Assaulter Highlights Race Divide

Published October 17th, 2019 - 09:33 GMT

A video of a man assaulting the police has gone viral and people on social media are questioning whether the outcome would have been different if the person had been black, not white. 

In the video, a man approaches two police officers, swinging his weapon threatening to hurt them. Meanwhile, the officers back away, without shooting or beating the assaulter. 

Police brutality against people of color in the US has been often documented in videos and this incident points out a stark contrast in the officers' reaction. 

The incident triggered a strong response on social media, with people pointing out several examples in which people of color had been treated much worse for less aggressive behavior toward police officers. 

But others were pleased to witness police officers handling the situation well regardless of skin color. Instead they praised them for knowing how to respond to the incident peacefully. 

The issue of police brutality continues to haunt the American justice system. A recent study showed the records of over 26,000 people killed by police across the US since 2000, at an average of over 1300 people per year until 2019.

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