Why Are People Furious at Liz Cheney's Tweet in Support of Iranian Protesters?

Published January 13th, 2020 - 10:01 GMT
Liz Cheney's Tweet in Support of Iranian Protesters Triggers Strong Backlash
Cheney expressed her support for Iranian anti-government protesters. (AFP)

A tweet from congresswoman Liz Cheney expressing her support for the on-going Iranian protests against their government provoked strong reactions across social media as many called on her not to interfere in Middle Eastern affairs.

Even though her tweet conveyed a supportive message for Iranian protesters against the government, social media commentators linked Liz Cheney's statement with her father's role in Middle Eastern politics, especially during the wars in Afghanistan in 2002 and Iran in 2003. 

Some comments attacked her father, suggesting that he "has committed crimes against humanity" and "needs to be investigated" for his role in the Middle East.

Liz Cheney serves as the US representative for Wyoming since 2017 and she is the daughter of Dick Cheney who was the 43rd vice president during two terms of President George W. Bush's administration. 

Some wondered if her support for Iranians reflected the polices of her Republican party, drawing attention to President Trump's travel ban on several Muslim-majority nations, including Iran, in addition to US sanctions that affect Iranians' daily lives.

Notably, some comments thanked Liz Cheney for her sympathetic comments, arguing that the US' latest strike has "motivated the protesters" and ignited the current uprising.

Iranian students have led several anti-government protests across the capital and other prominent cities after Iran's official statement admitting a human error brought down a Ukrainian airplane shortly after taking off from Tehran's international airport last Wednesday, resulting in 176 deaths including many Iranians who study abroad.

Protesters have repeatedly chanted against Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and have taken down posters of the slain Iranian general Qasem Soleimani who was killed in a US airstrike in Baghdad on the 3rd of January.

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