Why Is the US Deporting an Iranian PhD Student With a Valid Visa?

Published January 28th, 2020 - 10:26 GMT
Why Is the US Deporting An Iranian PhD Student With a Valid Visa?
Iran is one of seven Middle Eastern countries that were affected by the US President's 2017 travel ban. (Rami Khoury/ Al Bawaba)

Graduate Employees Union at Michigan State University reported that a newly admitted PhD engineering student from Iran was unable to enter the United States and that Customs and Border Protection officers at Detroit Airport questioned him for almost six hours before he was asked to sign a withdrawal on his visa application. 

Alireza Yazdani, a 27-year old Iranian PhD candidate at the Agriculture and Natural Resources College at Michigan State University who arrived at Detroit International Airport after receiving an admission letter and securing a valid visa, has reportedly been deported from the US after being questioned for hours without being given a reason.

According to the Graduate Office at MSU, Yazdani has successfully been granted admission at one of the school's graduate programs and has a valid student visa, making is puzzling for them to understand why he was forced to leave the US.

Yazdani had reportedly spent the night in the Monroe County jail in Michigan, waiting for his flight to go back to Iran, sources said.

Social media activists reacted by posting Yazdani's pictures and details, contemplating the reason that could have pushed US officials to ban him from entering the country.

Iran is one of seven Middle Eastern countries that were affected by the US president's 2017 executive order restricting travel to the United States for citizens of several Muslim majority countries, in what has been known as the 'Trump travel ban'. The travel ban has been criticized and linked to "increasing xenophobic rhetoric in the US."

Recently, tensions between the US and Iran have been on the rise, especially after a US airstrike targeted a top Iranian military general in Baghdad earlier this month.

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