Why Would Israel Want to Kill a Horse in Gaza?

Published August 8th, 2022 - 06:13 GMT
Bombing homes in Gaza
Palestinians salvage belongings from the rubble of their home, following Israeli air strikes in Gaza City, on August 7, 2022. Photo: AFP

ALBAWABA - Israeli atrocities in Gaza. For the Jewish army everything is fair game in this Strip: Women, children, men, old and the infirm, and YES, Animals. Striking at them is absolutely necessary to maintain Israel's security, or so it is claimed. But who would want to strike a horse in the middle of Gaza should be beyond anyone's comprehension.

The horse was killed in broad daylight. Her only crime was its carriage and the three-family members in it who were killed instantly by an Israeli missile that literally dismembered their bodies.  

Video of the attack is plastered all over the social media for all to see. Netizens have been quick in their condemnation with some calling the act an incredible act of Zionist savagery and a horrible thing to do. 

Videos speak for themselves with occasionally commentary. The Israeli series round-the-lock attacks which started started on Friday 5 August ended on late Sunday night through painstaking negotiations through Egypt and Qatar in a war that killed 41 Palestinians, 15 of them were children and more than 300 people injured. 

But who would want to strike an animal. The Israeli army should reported to the international bodies who support animal rights and for their protection but why bother since Israeli barely listens to world bodies or anybody else. 

The animal writhing on the ground with blood went viral very quickly and generated lots of comments: The pictures speak for themselves. 

This is reality and not a horrible film one commented, there for everyone to see and fathom, if you can, although it's difficult to see that. But in all of Israel's previous wars on Gaza beginning with 2008/2009, 2012, 2014, 2021 and 2022, animals have always been targeted for one reason or another.    

One more time: 

Feelings are running high with anger and frustration:

And here's the reaction from ordinary people:

And when will the carnage end? Aren't Palestinians supposed to have a normal life, one living in Gaza asked?


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