Will Performing Hajj be Impossible in 2047?

Published August 25th, 2019 - 10:13 GMT
A Saudi policeman spays Muslim pilgrims with water to cool them off near the Grand Mosque (Karim Sahib/AFP)
A Saudi policeman spays Muslim pilgrims with water to cool them off near the Grand Mosque (Karim Sahib/AFP)


Muslims have been warned that by 2047, performing Hajj in Mecca would impose an extreme danger to pilgrims’ health, and this is because of Climate Change.


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New research published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in California found out that the rising global temperatures will extend to take its toll on Muslims performing Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to the holiest place in Islam in Mecca city. 

Published in the journal Geophysical Review Letters, the research says rising global temperatures will push up more heat and humidity in the region which will put people in “extreme danger” when facing it highlighting the Hajj season in particular as it includes large-scale outdoor activity.

The fifth pillar of religion, Hajj must be performed by Muslims at least once in their lives if they have the financial and physical ability. In Hajj, Muslims gather to pray at the Great Mosque, visit the Mount of Arafat between the sunrise and the sunset and then head to Mina area, on the outskirts of Mecca, which all happen during 20 to 30 hours in a period of five to six days.

As the timings of annual Hajj shift each year because it's based on the lunar calendar, the risks of being exposed to the sun heat in the region and in Mecca, in particular, will increase each year and would get worse in the period between 2047 to 2052 and from 2079 to 2086.

The alarming research has sparked a conversation on climate change and the importance of taking action before it damages the lives of millions of people on the earth.

The warnings come as Muslim pilgrims have just finished the Hajj season of 2019 and the high temperatures and heat have been noticeably rising this year comparing to the past years. However, pilgrims have found their own solutions to the cool themselves and avoid the sun heat through backpack-mounted hoses to air-conditioned marble floors.

The research brought attention to the issue of global warming which has been drastically rising and putting the earth in danger in time the world’s attention has been turning towards the Amazon Rainforests that have been burst into record flames affecting the ecosystem, more awareness is expected to be raised regarding the rising temperatures of the earth to stop the climate change from accelerating.

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