Will The Media Bully King Charles For His Views on Islam?

Published September 18th, 2022 - 06:49 GMT
King Charles in Saudi dress
Britain's Prince Charles wears traditional Saudi uniform during a visit to Riyadh Photo: Fayez Nureldine/Pool/AFP

ALBAWABA - King Charles III and Islam is trending on the social platforms. The net is fill of images of him either expressing his views and/or either in different attire. 

While it is argued Muslim communities particularly those living in Britain feel that the new monarch will seek to press a more 'positive' view of Islam, others say the media will needle the king on this. 

However, many feel the issue of "Islamophobia" will take a back seat from now on as King Charles has on previous occasions expressed admiration for the different percepts of Islam, its wisdom and provision of special knowledge. 

Its is also he doesn't believe in the "clash of civilization" and the fact that Islam, Judaism and Christianity are the three great monotheistic religions.

Many tweets are being made about the new king who has a remarkable knowledge of the Islamic religion and has freely expressed them in different settings. 

He sets out with a positive tone. 

He certainly does not believe Islam and Christianity are at odds with each other. 

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