Woman Who Ran Away from Qatar Exposes Violations of Women's Rights in the Country

Published December 4th, 2019 - 11:08 GMT
Qatari girl fled her country due to violations of women's rights in Qatar
Qatari girl fled her country due to violations of women's rights in Qatar

A Qatari woman has revealed that she has fled her country and sought humanitarian asylum in Britain, after she shared a video explaining the oppression she faced as a woman at home.

In the viral video, Nouf exposed the violations of women's rights in Qatar, which include prohibiting unmarried women from traveling outside the country without a travel permit, a document that can only be acquired through a guardian’s permission.

She also mentioned the inability of women under 32 to reserve a hotel room on their own, as well as not being allowed to drive or work without the consent of a guardian.

“There is no legal protection system for children and women in Qatar. All that exists is a ridiculous oppression that is absurd,” Nouf stated in her video.

Translation: “A girl called Nouf fled Doha to London, applying for asylum due to the oppression she faced as a female in Qatar.”

"A number of hotels in Doha refused to give me a place to stay, because I was 21 and didn’t have a guardian’s permission," she said. "They told me Qatar's laws dictate that an unmarried woman has to be at least 32 years old in order to reserve a room."

She expressed her anger in response to Qatari women being deprived of basic human rights.  

Amjad Taha, the regional head of the British Center for Middle East Studies, said that Nouf had fled Doha to London and had applied for humanitarian asylum because of the injustice and oppression of women's rights in Qatar. 

The incident exposed a level of hypocrisy in Qatari media. While they neglected Nouf’s case, local media in Qatar covered the escape of the Saudi girl Rahaf Al-Qanoun and questioned women's and human rights in her country. 

However, they appear to have been completely silent about Nouf's escape and her remarks about women's rights in Qatar.

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