Working or Begging! Moroccans Slam Yellow Vested Car Guards

Published June 8th, 2021 - 12:01 GMT
Car guards are even taking higher prices due to the Summer season.
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Moroccans campaign against yellow vested car guards.

Moroccans organized a social media campaign slamming yellow vested car guards due to the high imposed prices they forcibly take from drivers.

People in Morocco are now complaining that car guards’ jobs have expanded to reach byond Casablanca to Bouznika, a city in Casablanca-Settat, Morocco.

Social media users have also complained that taking advantage of the summer season; car guards are even asking for a higher price to serve people’s cars; Moroccans now have to pay 5 Dirhams ($0.57) to park their cars in front of places they want to hang out in.

A Facebook public group called ‘Boycott moul gilet ضد مول جيلي أصفر’ which means boycott ‘yellow vested people’ was created against this new phenomenon and gained over 130,000 followers in a short time. 

The group shares daily stories of people suffering from yellow vested car guards who extort drivers to get money, according to Raseef 22. Moroccans claimed that most people are not legally hired; they only have to wear the yellow vest to start their work and collect money.

Months earlier, a video was shared of a woman fighting with a car guard, who was threatening to physically attack her after she refused to pay him money.

Moroccan voices have reached authorities who claimed that most of these areas are free for people to park in and denied renting them to any companies. They also called the police to arrest guardians who take over parks and collect money from people.

On the other hand, one of the yellow vested guardians, responsible for one of the parking spots in Bouznika, spoke to Hespress saying that guards usually go into long discussions with car owners due to the high prices. However, he assured that it's not the guards’ responsibility but rather the company they work for.

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