Yemeni Father Free After Torturing Eight-Year-Old Daughter to Death

Published April 30th, 2019 - 12:45 GMT

The story of Asila Nahami, an eight-year-old Yemeni kid who was beaten and tortured to death around a year ago by her father remains a topic of conversation on Arabic social media.

On hashtags #العداله_لاصيله_النهمي [Justice for Asila Nahmi] and #قضية_الطفلة_أصيلة_النهمي [The case of Asila Nahmi] has been trending among Arab-speaking Twitter users.

This comes after the Criminal Court in Sanaa sentenced her father, who should be charged with a felony, to 6 months prison considering what he did as “non-crime” and he was released.

Social media users and activists in Yemen have widely condemned the court’s ruling demanding to take the father back to prison and enforce a law that prevents him and other parents of beating their kids and families.

Translation: “He killed his daughter and got away with it, why? Because she is his daughter! [In fact] The actual crime is that she is his daughter. She is 9 years old. Are you that ignorant and heartless? Where is God’s justice?”

Asila who had been a victim to domestic violence had her story gone viral after she was transferred to the hospital at that time and the doctors realized the reason behind her case. They took a photo of her and contacted Yemeni activists urging them to share it and make it public calling for solidarity with Asila.

Yet, Asila died and had the Yemeni public talking about her story and standing in solidarity with her and her photo went viral on the internet at that time.

Translation: “To those who don’t know Assila Mehdi Mehdi Nehmi’s story, she is from Bani Matar district of Sana'a Governorate. She is eight years old and was beaten to death by her father. He broke her hands and parts of the head. The incident took place on August 25, 2018, at 10:00 am!

According to Asila’s mother, the father has the reputation of torturing his daughters. Photos of Asila’s sister has also been shared on social media and got people standing in solidarity with them.

Translation: “This is Sara, Assila Nehmi’s sister who was beaten to death by her father. Her sister has also being beaten and tortured by her father who also burned her face as you can see in the photo. If there is no justice then her father is going to get away with it to return to beating her and might even kill her as long there is no law to stop him. We need a law to protect children in Yemen. Stop injustice.”

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