YouTube Censors Video on Google’s Manipulation of What Users Can See

Published June 27th, 2019 - 10:52 GMT

Google has been hit by a whistleblower video revealing new documents that demonstrate political bias, manipulation of search engine results and the controlling of what information users can see.


It all started as Project Veritas, a non-profit investigative organization owned by a conservative political activist, published on Tuesday a leaked copy of an email exchanged by Google employees. It shows a discussion in which employees refer to PragerU, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro as "Nazis” and that they should be disabled from the “Suggestions Feature” of the search engine.

The document that shows a screenshot of an email believed to be part of a "transparency-and-ethics" discussion between Google employees, had also appeared to be sent to over a dozen other employees of Google, according to Project Veritas.

It came as a validation of an earlier report published by Project Veritas on how the ideological and political bias influences Google’s content.

Another video was uploaded on Google-owned YouTube contains testimony from a whistleblower who confirmed to Project Veritas that Google manipulates what information would be seen by users on the search engine in order to promote a particular ideology or political agenda.

The video was censored and removed by YouTube shortly after it was posted, confirming the facts stated in the report in a way.

The story had made waves on social media provoking an outcry among digital rights activists for highlighting the bias of social media platforms and high-tech companies of the Silicon Valley.

In fact, the conversation on censorship and free speech in the West has been rising as tech giants are accused of deliberate targeting of conservatives amid fears that censorship is returning to western culture and western society more generally.

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