'Zayn Malik Did 9/11' Triggers an Online Campaign and Is Removed off Spotify

Published July 20th, 2020 - 06:22 GMT
'Zayn Malik Did 9/11' Triggers an Online Campaign and Is Removed off Spotify
The song triggered similar responses when it was listed on iTunes in 2013. (Twitter: @stillxxlwt)

Fans of British singer and the former member of pop music band One Direction Zayn Malik, spotted an unpleasant song with his name on Spotify, which urged them to launch a social media hashtag demanding its removal off the global music platform.

The song entitled "Zayn did /911" has associated the 27-year-old singer's Muslim background with the terrorist attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda against the US back in 2001.

Protesting the lyrics of the song and its "Islamophobic connotations" using the hashtag #removeitforzayn, fans of English-born singer called on social media users to report the "offensive" song and demand Spotify to remove it, similar to a campaign that successfully removed the song off iTunes in 2013.

Even though the song is presented under Uma Kompton's name as the artist, the internet has no definite answer on who the actual singer is, especially that Uma Kompton appears to be a pseudo-name of a singer, who usually performs highly controversial songs.

Fans of Malik condemned the song's message linking his religious background to the vile attack that shocked the world 19 years ago.

While Spotify responded quickly to reports removing the song, some fans of the former One Direction singer pointed out that he was only 8 years old when the attacks happened and that he's already "suffered immense racism in his teenage years."


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