OneCard is a new option to buy Facebook Credit directly

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Published May 5th, 2011 - 12:47 GMT
Facebook Credit is a secured and safe tool that helps users to buy their in-game items without worrying about their personal data
Facebook Credit is a secured and safe tool that helps users to buy their in-game items without worrying about their personal data

OneCard, one of N2V’s subsidiaries and the largest e-shopping gateway in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has announced that OneCard users can now buy Facebook Credit directly using their OneCard balance.

Ahmed Fahmy, OneCard General Manager said “we are fully aware of the social websites’ influence, and we continuously empower them. Now advertisers and gamers can buy Facebook Credits through their accounts in OneCard website.”

“Our users enjoy a very secured and safe tool that helps them buy their in-game items without worrying about their personal data or credit information," he added.

“OneCard is excited to be one of the few companies working with Facebook to give social network users new alternatives to get Facebook Credits that don’t require a credit card or bank account.”

“We are proud that Facebook Credits are the official currency of Facebook and allow people to buy virtual goods for the top social games and send virtual gifts to their friends. Facebook users can now use OneCard to get credits using our prepaid cards located at more than 75000 point of stores across 20 countries, and also they can top up their OneCard accounts using many local payments like Knet in Kuwait and UAEexchange in UAE.” Fahmy concluded.

Meanwhile, Rami Al Araj, OneCard regional business development manager said "Facebook Ads are one of the most targeted traffic your advertising dollars can buy. Sure, we have had Google AdWords for some time and they are very powerful and effective; however, Facebook now has the ability to hyper-target – based on a vast range of personalized data - to a whole new level.”

Some of the areas that can be targeted with ads include location (country/state/province/city), age, gender, birthday, relationship status, interested-in status, language spoken, education level and place of work.

Background Information


Launched in Saudi Arabia in 2004, OneCard has made headlines globally for its unique approach to online services as well as its customer service strategy. By providing Middle East consumers with a platform to demand more online facilities in Arabic as well as services catering specifically to their culture and society; OneCard has played an instrumental part in developing the Internet for the Arab communities worldwide.

OneCard is not only the most comprehensive online payment solution you’ll ever need; it is also a tool that empowers users to shop and buy Internet connectivity, fixed and mobile communication services, airline tickets, stock market solutions, educational resources and much more.

OneCard is a vision for how the Internet will combine the best of what’s on offer today to make your lifestyle easier, simpler and safer! Developed and supported by National Net Ventures (N2V); OneCard aims to be the only online payment that you’ll ever need when you’re online!

National Net ventures

N2V is one of the largest Internet holding groups in Arabia, focused on value creation through building and investing in Arabic consumer web & mobile ventures (e-commerce, digital publishing, social media, Games, mobile apps, web forums, and user generated content), with 150+ employees spread in offices around different Arab countries and the USA. 

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