Protesters in Algeria (AFP File Photo)
Algeria faces the herculean task of transforming its economy to meet the pressing demands of a young, growing, and increasingly restless population. Despite the country’s favorable demographics, its economy remains almost entirely dependent on oil
Protests in Sudan (AFP File Photo)
I was among the first to visit Khartoum after the April 1985 uprising, and our plane was the second to land at Khartoum International Airport, preceded only by the plane that carried Libyan foreign minister


At first, Israelis tried and succeeded using intimidation. Long after the 2003 decision to ban the use of the Bab Al Rahma (Gate of Mercy) site as office space for ...
After the freshman representative’s controversial remarks and the ensuing firestorm over Israel, anti-Semitism, and other forms of bigotry, there is room for improvement all-around.
There are reasons galore to be skeptical about the current negotiations between the US and the Taliban, which have gone through multiple rounds in recent months. These reasons range from ...
The 15th son of Al-Qaeda former leader Osama Bin Laden has been dealt three painful blows in the past few days. The US State Department has offered one million dollars ...

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