Tawazun brings Disaster Management Training to Abu Dhabi

Press release
Published February 23rd, 2011 - 07:28 GMT

Tawazun has today announced plans for the development of a major emergency response, crisis and disaster management training facility in Abu Dhabi. Tawazun Disaster Management City (TDMC) is a unique training facility, where individuals and professionals are prepared to deal with all kinds of incidents. Past and potential future crises are reenacted, as close to reality as far as possible.

TDMC, part of the Tawazun group of companies, will enable teams to undergo scenario-based training, including natural or man-made incidents, such as earthquakes, building collapses, explosions, fires, flooding, oil spills, health epidemics, marine rescue and several others. 

Khaleefa Al Hemairi, Project Director, said: “If you have succeeded in something many times before you are very likely to succeed again in the future. But crises are by their nature sudden and unplanned extreme-pressure situations, for which, practical experience is hard to come by. Spread over 400,000 square meters of land to the south of Abu Dhabi, TDMC is being developed to handle complex, multi-agency operations, and will be a testing ground for disaster management personnel from the armed forces, civil defense agencies, health authorities, humanitarian, non-governmental organizations and other agencies.

Hamad Khalifa Al Neyadi, Chief Strategy Officer at Tawazun Holding stated: “Too often in a disaster, many agencies are required to work together under extreme pressure, while they know little about each other's routines and chains-of-command. By bringing together all the different actors in one place, under realistic crisis conditions, weaknesses can be pinpointed and processes can be amended. Whenever real crisis occurs, then everyone knows their role.”

Current facilities enable the recreation of fire, search and rescue, nuclear, biological and chemical damage situations. Phases two and three of the development will extend the facilities to allow for more complex scenarios, as well as the introduction of training simulators, research and development, and experimentation facilities for firms to test new products under controlled conditions.

Khaleefa Al Hemairi, Project Director, elaborated, “With any such facility, quality, safety and control are paramount. To this end, TDMC’s training will be fully accredited, for example, by ICAO for aviation scenarios , and by IMO and STWC95 certification for maritime activities. Through such international accreditation, we will maintain the highest possible standards of training, safety and security.”

Background Information

Tawazun Holding

Tawazun Economic Council was founded in 1992 to fulfil a vision of comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development within the UAE.

Since its establishment, the Council enabled creation of more than 90 companies and investment vehicles, covering 11 sectors, including defense manufacturing. These companies play a vital role in boosting economic growth in the UAE.

The Council envisions maximizing economic benefits by providing the needed inputs for the industrial development, supervising relevant acquisition programs, driving necessary industry regulations and contribution to economic diversification. It also targets contribution to enhancing UAE’s industrial stature, to achieving a robust knowledge-based economy and to boosting the flow of Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)

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