Regus finds fitness-fanatical Emiratis hide swimsuits under corporate clobber

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Published July 21st, 2011 - 01:12 GMT
A third of Emirates business travelers (32%) say that they are inseparable from their fitness clothing
A third of Emirates business travelers (32%) say that they are inseparable from their fitness clothing

Contradicting reports of swelling waistbands and increasing obesity, business-Emirates nationals are actually so bent on fitness that they won’t leave home without their costumes or tracksuits - even when they travel for work! Over 17,000 respondents from more than 80 countries were asked what was the most unusual thing they habitually take on a business trip and almost a third of Emirates business travelers (32%) declared that they are inseparable from their fitness clothing, according to a new survey from workplace environment specialist Regus. 

Globally, over a quarter (27%) of respondents reported they pack a swimsuit or gym clothing. This top selection was followed by a photograph of the family (16%) and a gift for hosts (15%) highlighting that the ‘human touch’ in business has not lost its importance even in today’s fast paced environment. 

Some weirder responses include: an extra empty bag, a six-seconds abs trainer, a camel in a snow globe and a toy bear! Other personal things that may be caught peeping out of a briefcase could easily be gifts for their hosts, carried by 23% of thoughtful Emirates nationals and a photograph of the family, packed by a soppy 19% of respondents. 

Regus spokesperson comments: “The weird and wonderful things people were found to take on business trips, from fitness equipment to favorite foods and objects, often reveal how personal and professional lives struggle to co-exist in today’s high pressured work environment. Evidently the line between business and pleasure is blurring with more people feeling they need to take a bit of home away with them. This may well be because people are working more and more in flexible workspaces, so they like to have something with them that adds the personal touch wherever they are. 

“After all, flexible work arrangements are certainly going to grow, both in terms of office hours and location, so that employees can maximize their free time while also giving real commitment on the business front. Of course with thousands of businesses now turning to video communications to avoid unnecessary business travel, in future Emirates nationals won’t need to bring their trunks abroad so often!”

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Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989, Regus is based in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange

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