Regus survey identifies respect is key to holding onto good workers after the summer

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Published August 8th, 2011 - 09:34 GMT

Summer holidays are time when we all take stock of our job and think about whether we are happy or whether it’s time to move on. It’s especially important for managers to keep job satisfaction up over the Summer months, so that good people don’t leave. But what do people really value in their work environment? What really makes the difference and keeps people on board? The findings from a new global Regus survey gives managers some top tips about holding on to your good people. 

UAE workers declare that showing respect towards all members of staff is the most important ingredient to creating a happy business culture. In the latest survey by workplace provider Regus over 17,000 respondents from more than 80 countries were asked what factors were most likely to help create a happy work atmosphere and 67% of UAE workers said that respect for colleagues is the key ingredient. Encouraging skills and knowledge sharing (48%) and vocally acknowledging the work of others (38%) were voted second and third most important factors. Helping out struggling colleagues was also nominated by 32% of respondents. 

Regus spokesperson comments: “From June through to August, workers typically take advantage of the summer vacation to weigh up what lies ahead of them in September and their work situation. The results of this survey should serve as a wake-up call to managers who may be overlooking simple, practical and cost-free measures they can take to make sure that staff don’t come back from their holidays with their resignation in hand. 

“As work pressures and hours expand further into people’s personal lives, UAE workers are ever more aware of the importance that the character of the people they work and spend so many hours of their day with has on job satisfaction. Aside from salary increases and material bonuses, simple steps like showing respect for all staff, making a point of congratulating staff on good work and helping colleagues develop by encouraging skills and knowledge sharing contribute to creating a more human and wholesome environment that staff are not easily tempted to abandon.”

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Regus is the world’s largest provider of flexible workspace solutions, with customers including some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals and multi-billion dollar corporations.

Our network includes almost 3000 business centres, spanning almost 900 cities across 120 countries.Through our range of office formats, as well as our growing mobile, virtual office, and workplace recovery businesses, we enable people and businesses to work where they want, when they want, how they want, and at a range of price points.

Founded in Brussels, Belgium, in 1989, Regus is based in Luxembourg and listed on the London Stock Exchange

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